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Why do we need yoga? Modern lifestyle and life in big cities are often associated with high levels of stress and disconnection from breath and bodily sensations. We can change this by taking a break from usual routines and paying respect to our temple – our body.

Yoga helps you develop basic bodily awareness which has great benefits. Yoga improves balance, stamina, strength, boosts your immunity and restores energy faster. The most immediate results of yoga are better sleep and deeper relaxation. Besides all physical qualities, you cultivate positive mental qualities. When we develop bodily awareness, we become more aware of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

  • Yoga helps you to be able to restore your energy faster.
  • With regular practice of yoga your sleep becomes better. You wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. 
  • You improve your focus and mental clarity. 
  • You become better in bodily awareness, more mindful of your emotions, thoughts, and actions 


We highly recommend everyone to combine meditation with yoga!

Yin yoga and Iyengar yoga are offered on a regular basis at Yeshin Norbu. This semester, we also offer a weekend retreat on Tibetan Kum Nye yoga. All our yoga drop-ins, courses, and retreats are open for everyone. We adjust instructions to individual needs. 

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19may16:3019:30Yin yoga kvÀllsretreatVÀlkommen till tre timmars yin-yoga! Ge dig sjÀlv tid att slappna av och komma i kontakt med din kropp och ditt sinne.


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17sep(sep 17)19:0019(sep 19)16:00Kum nye Tibetan yoga: Weekend retreatKum Nye is a body and mind discipline consisting of movements, breathing exercises, and sitting meditations, that provides stress reduction, transforms negative patterns, and can be seen both as a spiritual discipline in itself and as a preparation for meditation and other spiritual practices.


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