We have often been asked where the name ”Yeshe Norbu” comes from. The answer to that question is that we got this name from Lama Zopa Rinpoche when we started as a study and meditation group almost ten years ago. The only problem was that we were not aware about the correct spelling. Actually, it was not ”Yeshe Norbu”, but ”Yeshin Norbu” that Lama Zopa said.

Yeshin Norbu means “wish-fulfilling jewel” in Tibetan. “Yi” stands for “mind” and “shin” means “like” or “in accordance”. So, “Yeshin Norbu” means “a gem which can fulfill in accordance to what one wishes in mind”.

The wish-fulfilling jewel symbolizes altruistic, selfless compassion. It also symbolizes the desire to grow up and wake up to be able to help others do the same. Yeshin Norbu is also a name that Tibetans often use to refer to Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The mistake was only discovered last year when Tengyur Rinpoche was visiting. He wondered if it might be that the name of the centre was actually ”Yeshin Norbu”.

We then checked with Lama Zopa and quite rightly so, that was it. Changing the name, of course, entails a lot of work. Website, Facebook, domain names, signs, materials, etc. must be changed. Not to mention that the name “Yeshe Norbu” has been established among our members and visitors for almost ten years. So we asked Lama Zopa, do we really need to change. His answer was short and concise: ”Of course!” At the same time, it feels fantastic now that the decision has been made.

We have a close connection to the Dalai Lama and it feels fantastic that the center will bear one of his names. And of course we hope that the center will become a ”wish-fulfilling jewel” that helps many to be happier and wiser and to develop more compassion and love.