One second ahead: enhance your performace at work with mindfulness


”One second ahead” is intended to empower you by providing a roadmap to improving performance through greater focus, awareness, and clarity of mind.

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We are facing a productivity crisis.

Our ability to focus at work is declining. Why? Because in a pressured, always-on, information overloaded and distracted work reality, our attention comes under siege. And there is a direct link between attention and results. If we want to be successful at work we need to choose what we pay attention to and what we don’t. Our mind has a natural tendency to wander half of our waking hours on average. From a work context this means we are only really focused on the people we are with or the task at hand half of the time, which limits our ability to achieve results.

But it is possible to train the brain to respond differently to today’s constant interruptions through the practice of mindfulness. Simply put, at its introductory level, mindfulness means trained attention. Based on thousands of years of practice, mindfulness techniques enable people to manage their attention, improve their awareness, and sharpen their focus and clarity. One Second Ahead is about applying mindfulness techniques to daily work life.