Mental Gym Card Monthly

950.00kr / månad

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Think of your Mental Gym card like your gym membership for your mind, oh don’t forget yoga for your body!


With the Mental Gym card, you can come to any events, courses or sessions running at the centre for free.


The courses you can attend, include, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Yoga and many more. We usually have several courses running per week or semester and you are free to join any of them.


There is growing evidence that training your mind and learning new skills leeds to a more positive outcome in dealing with the tough situations life throws at us. We cannot overstate how feeling happier on the inside will help you feel happier on the outside.


We have monthtly packages and you can give us a try to see the benefits of membership.


Oh, did we forget to say, you become part of a great community of people, who are friendy, beleive that the world could do with a little extra happiness in it and we are doing our part to try to make that happen.


If that didn’t entice you, maybe, we could throw in free fika as well! Come along, relax, read a book, have a chat, enjoy fika. The Mental Gym card is your key to finding a little peace in a busy world.