newsletter 2017-10-10


It is with great joy we announce that Yeshe Norbu is becoming a fully fledged mind training centre!

With a new location, 230 m² on street level with big beautiful windows! We wish to welcome all to a space of peace and quiet in the midst of city life. We will offer a wide range of activitiesfrom secular mindfulness courses and lectures, to buddhist pujas, yoga, city retreats and introduction to buddhist psychology and philosophyaiming to cater to the needs and interests of different ages, backgrounds and faiths.


Yeshe Norbu aims to be a place where we can cultivate beneficial inner qualities such as focus, awareness, generosity, kindness, compassion and wisdom.

Come and celebrate this at our Open House and join us for a general meeting
monday 30.10 from 4PM. Welcome to Birger Jarlsgatan 131B
We will continue having weekly meetings on mondays at 4.30 PM.



Our first city retreat will be held on the weekend 8th to 10th of December when Geshe Sherab will be teaching on Peaceful Death and Dying. He will introduce and tap into ancient Tibetan knowledge where accepting our own mortality is key to living life more fully. To know more about the course and register please visit our new website

Interested in volunteering? Sign up on some of our lists we´ĺl put up on monday 30.10.


Are you interested in getting involved or getting in contact please don’t hesitate to email us: [email protected]

  Birger Jarlsgatan 131B 113 56 Stockholm SWEDEN


”Do not curse darkness, light a candle” –Förbanna inte mörkret, tänd ett ljus

We are living in a difficult time, there is concern in the world.


Bring your own family candleholder to the altar – in our new centre. So you can always be reminded of contributing to the better world, for the light of the wisdom to increase: both on symbolic way, and on practical way, by training your mind. Following models,representing Nordic design, are welcome: Orrefors, Iittala:


Donate to the statues and thankas at the center

FPMT’s spiritual leader Lama Zopa Rinpoche has advised us to have Mansjuhri as the main staty at the centre: it represents the wisdom mind (sword-like sharp). And of course we´ll have the other counterpart; staty of Bodhisattva of Compassion which symbolizes the method.
See how you can donate on


Association Yeshe Norbu: A Non-Profit Organization

The Yeshe Norbu Mind TRaining Centre is run by a Non-Profit Association Yeshe Norbu, and is affliated with FPMT (see You can become a member on the Association, or/an dthe Center, more information will come soon, at


Dharma volunteers rewarded for long time service
Association Yeshe Norbu directs special thanks to following persons, with free access to weekend teachings, Geshe Sherab now in december or for some other teacher:

Gun Cissé – a real Mother Dharma in Sweden, from Västerås, Lama Yeshe’s disciple since 1970´s, for teaching meditation and Dharma during all these years, never giving up

Cecilia Darboe och Viveka Gyllensvärd from Stockholm – for ”seven years in Tibet”-service, for constantly being helpful and assisting with the teachings at Erstagatan 28.