Learn the basics of meditation

Yeshin Norbu

Mindfulness | Selflessness | Compassion

MSC is short for Mindfulness, Selflessness and Compassion. The MSC Meditation Program is based on psychology and neuroscience as well as the Buddhist psychology and science of mind. It comprises the three core elements for training the mind: On the basis of cultivating mindfulness, we gain insights into the nature of reality (selflessness) and cultivate positive qualities such as compassion.

The MSC Meditation program has three modules:

Each module comprises eight two-hour sessions. Each session includes a presentation, various guided meditations and group discussions. There is a requirement to practice the meditation from each session at least three times before attending the next session. The last session of each module will explain how to integrate that particular core element of practice into daily life.

The MSC Meditation program was developed by the world-renowned meditation teacher Glen Svensson based on the work of Alan Wallace.