Link – Presenting the Path – Module 3 Discovering Buddhism

Module 3 – Presenting the Path – Subject Area Summary

Session 1:

  • The Path to Enlightenment: The Lam-Rim: From Junior School to University
  • The Three Scopes: Junior School, High School, University
  • Buddha’s Approach to Changing the Mind
  • How to Listen to These Teachings
  • The First Preliminary Contemplation: The Nature of the Mind
  • Retreat Mode

Session 2:

  • The Second Preliminary Contemplation: The Need For a Spiritual Teacher
  • The Third Preliminary Contemplation: This Precious Human Rebirth
  • The Lowest Scope, Junior School: Grade One: Death and Impermanence
  • Lowest Scope, Junior School: Grade Two: Suffering of the Lower Realms
  • Back to Grade One: The Death Process
  • Back to Grade Two: Suffering of the Lower Realms
  • Lowest Scope, Junior School: Grade Three: Refuge
  • Blessing the Food

Session 3:

  • The Lowest Scope: Junior School
  • The Importance of Vows
  • Lowest Scope, Junior School: Grade Four: Abiding by the Laws of Karma
  • How Karma Works
  • Motivation is Most Important

Session 4:

  • How Karma Works 2
  • The Need To Purify Karma: The Four Opponent Powers
  • Meditation on the Four Opponent Powers

Session 5:

  • The Middle Scope, High School
  • The Main Cause of Suffering: The Delusions
  • Be Your Own Therapist

Session 6:

  • Junior School Again
  • Suffering and Its Causes
  • Love and Attachment
  • Don’t Believe in Our Karmic Appearances
  • Delusions Are the Voices of I

Session 7:

  • The Three Preliminary Contemplations
  • University: The Great Scope: The Development of Love and Compassion and eventually Bodhichitta
  • Exchanging Ourselves for Others
  • Tong-Len: Giving and Taking
  • The Six Perfections of the Bodhisattva
  • Conventional and Ultimate

Session 8:

  • Analytical Meditation: The Method of Thinking about Dependent Arising in Order to Understand Emptiness
  • Postgraduate: Tantra
  • How to Set Up a Daily Practice

Required Integration Practices – Guided Meditations and Retreat

  • Meditation One: Renunciation
  • Meditation Two: The Wisdom Understanding Emptiness
  • Meditation Three: Bodhichitta

These meditations can be seen in Pages 230 to 236 of the teaching transcript.

three-day retreat is also required for all students wishing to obtain a completion certificate for this module.