Yeshin Norbu

Yeshin Norbu is a non-profit organization and we value our place in the community immensely and hope you value our contribution as well. 

As a non-profit organisation, we offer our classes on a not-for-profit basis. We charge to cover the costs of keeping the centre open and the costs related to courses and teachings. 

If you want to explore more of the program, you can consider a Mental Gym Card membership which will give you free access to most of our courses and events.

If you want to support us and influence the direction of Yeshin Norbu in Stockholm, you can become a member of Yeshin Norbu non-profit organisation.

If you decide to take a course or join a drop-in meditation, we ask you to purchase a ticket online. Tickets are available under each event, and you find all events under Schedule.

We have the concept of “minimum donation”, which is the price-point that covers the costs of having the centre open and running our program. 

In addition to the minimum donation, if you wish to support the centre or other participants who cannot afford paying, you can donate a larger amount. It is a great opportunity to practice generosity and benefit others! 

Our policy is to never turn anyone away due to lack of funds, so if even the minimum donation is too much, don’t let financial difficulty be the reason for not joining. Contact us if you want to join but cannot afford it.

We offer a 20 percent discount on the “minimum donation” to retired, unemployed, and students. To use this discount, please add the course to the cart, click on Checkout, and in the box “Coupon code” type in “discount20” .

To purchase a ticket, you must first put the item in your shopping cart and then pay for it in the checkout. When you buy a ticket, you will receive two emails: one containing your ticket (including the zoom link) and one which is a receipt. Take a look in the spam folder if you have bought a ticket and haven’t received the emails. Please consider adding us as a secure address in your inbox.