Yeshe Norbu
Iyengar yoga




This course is for those who are new to yoga or new to Iyengar yoga. You will be introduced to the basic principles of Iyengar yoga and basic postures. We will use props – blocks, belts, blankets – to adjust yoga postures to individual needs. In a safe and stepwise approach you will develop competence and confidence in the postures. Each class ends with savasana, final relaxation.

The word “yoga” can mean many different things, anything from yoga as a physical exercise to philosophical studies, but the goal is the same: the union of body and mind. Iyengar yoga got its name after BKS Iyengar, one of the world’s most renowned yoga masters.

BKS Iyengar teaches that to reach the goal of union of body and mind, we need to move from the external level that is the body to the most subtle in a stepwise fashion. To be able to still the mind, we need to still our body first. Therefore, in Iyengar yoga a lot of attention is put on the practice of Asana (physical postures) in an anatomically and physiologically healthy way. Iyengar yoga is for all. To adjust yoga postures to individual needs, we use different props –  blocks, belts, and blankets.

What will I learn on this course

You will learn the basic principles of Iyengar yoga: what is Asana (physical postures) and types of Asana, safety rules around the practice of Asana, the purpose of different types of Asana. Iyengar yoga is not only about physical postures, it is also about the mind. Starting from the body awareness we can move to subtler levels of awareness, our thoughts and emotions. In fact, research shows that body work helps us improve our practice of mind training and meditation as by practicing yoga or other types of bodywork, we learn to still and focus the mind and become more aware of our thoughts and emotions.    

What will I take away from this course into my daily life

You will develop bodily awareness, learn how to use Asana for balancing the body and mind, and experience deeper relaxation. You will be able to set up a short daily practice of yoga.