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Grassroots group that grew from a book circle exploring ”Beyond Religion: Ethics for a whole world”. This enthusiastic group is now involved in translating books into Swedish, learning about and spreading the vision of education for heart and mind in educational settings, and interfaith initiatives.


Open for all, language Swedish or English depending on participants

Areas of involvement 

One of the first activities taken on was promoting awareness about universal ethics. 


The group is translating three books into Swedish: 

  • “Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World” by His Holiness the Dalai Lama 
  • “A call for Revolution – A Vision for the Future” by Dalai Lama and Sofia Stril- Rever
  • “16 Guidelines for a Happy Life” 
  • Social Emotional Ethical Learning curricula 

Educating heart and mind 

UEIA group is very much inspired by the concept of educating not only mind, but heart. They plan to study SEE Learning curricula in a group to get familiarized with the concepts and goals of these curricula, translate the material into Swedish and on later stages promote and introduce them in schools in Sweden.

SEE Learning stands for Social Emotional and Ethical Learning and is a comprehensive set of educational material for school age children from kindergarten to grade 12, aimed at educating the heart and mind. It builds on the teachings of Dalai Lama and has been developed, by Emory University in Georgia, Atlanta in the US, over the last 20 years and successfully tested in 12 countries. 

Interfaith initiatives and Climate Action 

UEIA is also promoting inter-faith interaction and collaboration and participate in a group working on formulating a common statement and action programme on “Water and Faith” facilitated by Stockholm International Water Institute.

The history of this initiative

Per Bertilsson, the group facilitator, writes:

”Some of the participants of the book circle held in April – May 2019 on Dalai Lama’s book ”Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World” enjoyed reading and discussing the book, but also felt strongly motivated to actively engage to promote and implement some of the recommendations of the book. In August, a small group of persons started working. More people gradually joined the group, which adopted the name Universal Ethics in Action (UEIA). 

There is a lot of work to be done, so if you are interested in engaging in any of the exciting activities, please join us!”

Who facilitates

UEIA is a self-organized group with Per being the main facilitator 


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To receive the link to the zoom link, please register

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Talare på detta event

  • Per Bertilsson

    Per Bertilsson

    Per has had a long international career working for UN-agencies and other international organizations on developmental issues focusing on environmental and natural resources management and social development. He has lived and worked in many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America for close to 30 years. In parallel with his professional career, Per has been a student of Buddhism and Buddhist history and art. He has a particular interest in the historical evolution of Buddhism. Per is committed to promoting secular ethics as an essential part of addressing the challenges of today’s society.

    Per leads our book circles and is the chairman of the board of Yeshin Norbu Non-profit organization.