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Samsara, Nirvana och Buddha-naturen: Modul 9 av Discovering Buddhism programmet

05feb18:0020:30Samsara, Nirvana och Buddha-naturen: Modul 9 av Discovering Buddhism programmetDen här kursen handlar om våra medvetande/ sinnet – det som är samsara och nirvana.   Vi undersöker vad ”samsara” är och hur vi har fastnat i det. Och vad är ”nirvana” och hur kan vi komma till det sinnestillståndet.


(Onsdag) 18:00 - 20:30 CET(GMT+01:00)

Information om evenemang

På grund av sitationen med Covid-19 erbjuder vi dig att delta i DB online. För dig som är anmäld till kursen, anslut via Online Mind Training Centre.

Den här kursen handlar om våra medvetande/ sinnet – det som är samsara och nirvana.   Vi undersöker vad ”samsara” är och hur vi har fastnat i det. Och vad är ”nirvana” och hur kan vi komma till det sinnestillståndet. Du lär dig att det finns en väg ut från lidandet och konstant missnöje, dukkha – och du får praktiska verktyg att hantera och eliminera störande känslor.

Hur kan vårt medvetande – som ibland är väldigt rörig och andra gånger mer samlad och ifred med tillvaron – vara både grunden för den extrema dukkha av samsara och den fullkomlighet som tillskrivs för nirvana?
Kunskapen om Buddha-natur – som är en outplånlig del av oss enligt Tibetansk Mahayana Buddhism – är svaret på denna fråga.

Kursen hölls på svenska. Kursinformation på engelska nedan:

Investigate what “samsara” is and how we are stuck in it. Find out what “nirvana” is and how to achieve
it. Develop the determination to be free from suffering and empower yourself with practical tools to deal with and eliminate disturbing emotions forever.




Ideally, for participants of Discovering Buddhism program. But anyone who has some basic understanding of Buddhism is welcome to join this Module.

What will I learn on this course

We will develop the building blocks – conceptual knowledge – about the human condition, pain and suffering, and the path leading to ultimate freedom and happiness. We will reflect upon our own condition and meditate on the types of dissatisfaction and pain that we all undergo throughout the course of our lives.

What will I take away from this course into my daily life

The aspiration with this course is that participants will be able to integrate reflection skills into their daily lives. Whenever we are caught up in disturbing emotions, we can reflect on the root cause of our dissatisfaction and difficulties and apply knowledge accumulated in the course to overcome those emotions. By studying about the gradual path to awakening, we develop more conviction that we can free ourselves from suffering and help others do the same. 

More about this course

Below is a short description of each session. 

Session 1:

  • Introduction
  • Identify renunciation
  • Preparation for meditation
  • Generation of renunciation
  • The method for generating renunciation

Session 2:

  • Purpose of teaching the Truth of Suffering first
  • Contemplating the Eight sufferings
  • Second suffering: Ageing

Session 3:

  • Third suffering: Sickness
  • Fourth suffering: Death
  • Fifth suffering: Encountering the unpleasant
  • Seventh suffering: Not achieving one’s desires
  • Eighth suffering: Taking rebirth with contaminated aggregates
  • Contemplating the six sufferings
  • Second suffering: No satisfaction
  • Third suffering: Abandoning one’s body again and again
  • Sixth suffering: Being friendless
  • Contemplating the three sufferings

Session 4:

  • All-pervasive compounded suffering
  • Identifying the afflictions

Session 5:

  • Basis, path, and result
  • Antidotes against delusions
  • Meditation on Patience
  • Sequence afflictions are generated

Session 6:

  • The causes of the afflictions
  • Faults of the afflictions
  • The way one generates karma

Session 7:

  • The way one dies, transfers, and takes rebirth
  • Twelve dependent links of origination


Who is teaching the course

Kaisa Kaulanen

Kaisa graduated from the FPMT Master Program at ILTK Italy 2008-2014. She also studied Media & Communication at Stockholm University and at the College of Journalism. Kaisa has long experience of working as a Communicator, both with Art and in Public sector with cultural and social projects. Kaisa leads the Discovering Buddhism two-year study program at Yeshe Norbu. 

When is it

Start and end dates: February 5-March 25, 2020

Session duration: 18.00-20.30

Number of sessions: 7 

Day of the week: Wednesdays

Not happening: February 26 due to sportlov 


Good to know 

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the course start to register. 

We have a fika break. 

We have 20% discount for students, retired, and employed. Use “Reduced course fee” coupon to use this discount. 

Course price

Regular price – 910 kr

Reduced price – 730 kr

  • In Tibetan Buddhism, the peacock is a symbol for the bodhisattva, the awakened warrior who works for the enlightenment of all beings. It is said in Buddhists texts that the peacocks are able to kill poisonous snakes while being impervious to their poison, and they possess the power to transmute poison into the beautiful colors in their feathers. In the sam way, we can turn anger and other mental poisons into the path through bodhichitta.

True compassion is aroused by suffering of every sort, by the suffering of every being – it is not tied to right or wrong, attachment or aversion.



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7 weeks