Protecting the lives of helpless beings

13jun10:0012:30Protecting the lives of helpless beingsThe practice of liberating earthworms


(Lördag) 10:00 - 12:30 CET(GMT+02:00)

Information om evenemang

One of the ten non-virtues is killing and the opposite of it is saving lives. By saving lives of living beings in danger of immediate death one gives them protection from fear of death. In addition to that, these living beings are benefited by circumambulating the holy objects (Buddhist texts, statues, tsatsas), hearing the teachings of the Buddha, and blessed by the water with Mani pills (special pills blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama). In this way, they can purify negative karma and the imprints they receive from circumambulation and hearing teachings and mantras will ripen in their mindstreams and they can achieve enlightenment in the future. This practice is called ”tsethar” in Tibetan which is translated as life release or animal liberation.

These practices are dedicated to the long lives of our teachers and anyone who is experiencing health problems or life obstacles. 

Lama Zopa Rinpoche writes about Animal Liberation at Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive:

”If you liberate animals, it helps you to have a long life, or you can dedicate the merit from their liberation to those who have life obstacles. In this life we are human beings, which is due to our past good karma ripening. But human beings have so much physical and mental suffering, no freedom, and are completely overwhelmed by delusion and karma. Fortunately, we have met the Dharma. The animal realm has terrible suffering, and the best thing is to think of something that benefits them. The best thing one can do to benefit animals is to circumambulate them around a stupa or statue as many times as possible. This means they have a chance to purify negative karma, and have a cause for enlightenment and liberation from samsara.”

On June 13th we are going to do the practice of liberating earthworms which are used for fishing. Earthworms are sentient beings, they can sense vibrations with their bodies, they have light receptors, they have brains and hearts. Obviously, they are prone to suffering as we are. Earthworms are important for soil health and plants because they transport nutrients and minerals to the surface by their waste. They help to compost organic waste.

Unfortunately, they often are used for fishing. When this is the case, their bodies are cut into several pieces or sometimes their bodies are pierced on a hook several times. Before being killed in this terrible way, earthworms are kept in small containers, about 45-50 of them in a 200-250 ml container.

When liberating earthworms we will find a place where there is moist soil because they prefer moist soil, otherwise, they can get dry and die.

How you can participate in this practice: 

  • You can donate money for purchasing earthworms (40-50 sek for one container that contains 45-50 earthworms). Any amount is welcome. But please do that by Thursday midnight, June 11th (no longer possible). 
  • Add your dedications via filling this form.
  • Come to the centre and do the practice: seven limb practice, reciting mantras, circumambulating the worms around the altar, liberating them in the nearby park. You don’t have to be present during the whole process, it is fine just to do a small part of this practice.
  • Participate online by joining via Zoom: Online Mind Training Centre (no password is needed). You can participate in the practice: seven limb practice, reciting mantras and texts and meditating.

If you want to come earlier and help with preparations, you are welcome to the centre at 9.00.