Outing to Historiska museet: Buddha statue from Helgö

03jun14:0016:00Outing to Historiska museet: Buddha statue from HelgöHow did the Buddha statue make it to Sweden in the 5-7th century?


(Fredag) 14:00 - 16:00(GMT+02:00)


Historiska Museet

Narvavägen 13–17

Information om evenemang

We will meet at Historiska at Narvavägen 13–17 at 14:00 and visit the Vikings exhibition and see the Buddha statue that was found on Helgö near Stockholm. The statue was found in 1954 on Helgö together with other artifacts. It is believed that it was made in Kashmir or Swat valley in modern Pakistan in 500-700 and made a long way to Sweden through the Silk Route and Russia.

Tengyur Rinpoche, an ordained teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition who is visiting Yeshin Norbu meditationscenter, our resident teacher Venerable Michael will join us, and Per Bertilsson who has researched the path of this statue to Sweden will share his story.

That is when he saw the little, unusual bronze figure. “Is this a god?” he asked a Sogdian merchant. “No, it is a Buddha”, he answered. “It is a powerful statue from India. Buddha achieved enlightenment, he discovered the truth.” The merchant had a few other figures and items but this particular figure spoke to Arne and he could feel the spiritual force it radiated. It had silver inlays for the eyes and copper inlays for the mouth. He had never seen anything like it before. “What is the price, how many silver dirhams?” Arne enquired. “Five,” the merchant replied. “It is rare and of very high quality.” Arne hesitated and after a while the merchant went on: “Since I can see that you really like it and would provide a good home for it, I’ll give it to you for four.” Arne had experience from the skilled merchants in Atil and had acquired good bargaining skills, but on this occassion he did not want to push it further and was pleased to accept the suggested price. He felt it was important for him to acquire this special object in a dignified way. Arne asked the trader, “do you know someone who can tell me more about the statue?”

(from The journey of the Helgö Buddha by Per Bertilsson)

Image source: https://historiska.se/upptack…/foremal/buddha-figur/


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