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Establishing Daily Practice - Module 8 of Discovering Buddhism Study Program

16okt18:0020:30Establishing Daily Practice - Module 8 of Discovering Buddhism Study ProgramIn this module you will assemble the tools you need to develop a successful daily practice.


(Onsdag) 18:00 - 20:30(GMT+02:00)

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In this module, you will assemble the tools you need to develop a successful daily practice. We will study, discuss and meditate on different practices we can use in our daily lives – as Buddhist – or one who wants to learn more about using Buddhist philosophy and psychology in your daily life. You will also get tips for making every action of the day meaningful!


What will I learn

You will get help to establish a lasting daily practice – by learning skillful methods on how to navigate through your days with mindfulness and emotional awareness.

You will be learning new skills, such as how practical formalities can be helpful for you in all areas of life, and you will get an opportunity to examine questions such as:

– Which methods can be supportive for your daily practice?
– How to deal with obstacles for daily practice and practice in general?
– Benefits of daily practice, how it can affect your mind, your life, and your relations?


What will I take away into my daily life

You will get both theoretical and very practical tools for daily practice; forms and instructions for it. And a starting point where you bring the theory and good intentions to the heart and make them to your own experience.

Mindfulness in Buddhism means “remembering the instructions”. And the Tibetan word “gom” for meditation means “familiarizing with constructive states in your mind”. A combination of these two helps you to move forward; from the intellectual knowledge to your heart. And maybe helps you to skip huge expectations, which are just obstacles  – and helps you to find your way to do it. With the guidance of all our great teachers of course! 

We start and end every session with meditation. You get audios or videos and other tips week before the class, so you can be prepared, familiarize with the material and come to the class well prepared. There will also be short group discussions. We have a very motivated group in Discovering Buddhism – welcome to join us!

More information about the sessions of this Module here.



Kaisa Kaulanen

FPMT Master Program at ILTK Italy 2008-2014 among other studies, for instance, Media & Communication at Stockholm University and at the College of Journalism. Long experience of working as a Communicator, both with Art and in Public sector (with cultural and social projects).



Beginner / Intermediate  – Buddhist



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