Animal liberation and picnic at Fellingsbro stupa

18maj09:0018:00Animal liberation and picnic at Fellingsbro stupaAnimal liberation is not only about saving animals from the immediate threat, but also giving them Dharma.


(Lördag) 09:00 - 18:00(GMT+02:00)


Stupan i Fellingsbro

Oppeby 246, 710 41 Fellingsbro

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Welcome to this kids and pets friendly whole day event!

Last year we did the practice of animal liberation with Venerable Michael and a few members of Yeshin Norbu sangha at the stupa in Fellingsbro. This Buddhist stupa that was built in the 80s and was consecrated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama during one of His Holiness’ visits. 

What is animal liberation practice? 

Animal liberation is one of the heart practices of Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Whenever possible, Rinpoche rescues animals like goats which are on the way to the slaughter house. Such animals are sent to the animal sanctuary afterwards. Rinpoche liberates even small insects

Lama Zopa Rinpoche recommends animal liberation as a specific practice done for animals who would otherwise be killed, such as livestock, bait worms, and live feeder insects. The practice involves taking the endangered animals around holy objects, reciting mantras for them, blessing water to sprinkle onto their bodies, and then releasing them. Rinpoche teaches that the practice benefits animal spiritually and is an incredible practice for anyone who is ill or experiencing life obstacles. Animal blessings, on the other hand, involve blessing animals with mantras or holy objects, even if they are not in danger.

Also, practices of animal liberation are done for the long lives of our teachers. 

You can read more here: 

When one does animal liberation, one circumambulates holy objects and recites mantras for the rescued beings. Animal liberation is not only about saving animals from the immediate threat, but also giving them Dharma. In that way one practices love – freeing from fear and generosity of Dharma. 

Last year we liberated a few hundreds worms which were supposed to be used as fish bait. We will do the same this year.

If you wish to donate for purchasing worms to be saved, you can make a donation below. 

You can take your pets with you to circumambulate the stupa. In that way you can help them purify their negative karma by going around the stupa. 

On Saturday May 18th we will go to Fellingsbro, 2-2,5 hours drive from Stockholm. We will do the practice and then have a potluck picnic there. Please bring vegan dishes. If you plan to go from Stockholm and have a car, please let us know by email to hello@yeshinnorbu by May 16th, and we can help organize a car-pooling.

Please also email us your dedications if you cannot go, we will read the names in the end of the practice and dedicate for them.

It is a whole day event. 



If you participate in this event, your donation covers a donation to Solbo retreatcenter for allowing us use their premises and purchasing worms. If you give a donation without participating, your donation will be directed towards purchasing worms.

Biljetter är inte tillgängliga för försäljning längre för detta event!