Mental GYM Card


Our mental gym card works like a traditional gym card. 

You have free access to almost all of the courses, classes or events held at the center (with the exception of the events lead by teachers travelling to us that come with an extra cost to arrange). At Yeshin Norbu you can enjoy the benefits of meeting with like minded people, as well as our teachers, to learn new skills that will improve your mental wellbeing and help you face life’s challenges in a more mindful way. We also hope to be a place for people to meet and socialize. For this reason,  we have a bookshop, a small library and a place to have coffee or tea, where you can hangout, read, chat or just chill.


Our weekly schedule includes guided mindfulness meditations and courses in Buddhism and meditation. We are very happy to be able to host our resident teacher, venerable Michael, who leads most of our buddhist curriculum. 

Our monthly calendar usually includes a weekend retreat as well as a Yin Yoga evening retreat. We also have regular talks and presentations from prominent people about numerous topics, including talks by famous writers and people with interesting and motivational life stories.

In August we host a popular summer retreat and at the end of the month we re-open the centre. Our summer retreat is lead by a visiting teacher and is therefore not included in the mental gym card.


We think of the brain and the mind as muscles that needs working out to get stronger. The brain is “plastic” and all those little neurons can be made to re-connect to learn a new skill. Remember the last time you learnt something new: at first it took a lot of effort. However, as you started to learn, it got easier. This is the brain re-wiring itself to meet new challenges. 

Consider for a moment how many of our  emotional responses are something that we have been taught. Imagine if you could train your mind to “re-wire” how you respond to situations and triggers? Through meditation and mindfulness you can lower your stress levels and find better ways to respond to stress. You can cultivate emotional balance which in turn allows you to lead a happier life where you can focus on the things you love rather than being pursued by feelings and fears you are trying to avoid. 


We offer great discounts on our mental gym card for our volunteers. If you volunteer 1 hour/ week (4 hours a month) we offer you a 10 % discount/ month. If you volunteer 2 hours a week (8 hours a month) we offer you a 20 % discount/ month and if you volunteer 3 hours a week (12 hours a month) we offer you a 30 % discount/ month, and so forth upwards.

We decide together what sort of tasks you will be doing as a volunteer. There are always things to do at the centre and we always need a helping hand! Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Contact [email protected] to find out more!

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Please be aware that you will need to maintain an active subscription status to attend courses.


For example, if a course starts in January and ends in March, then an active subscription status is required to attend the full course for each month the course runs.


You need to sign up for all courses and events you want to attend on the home page, even if you are a Mental Gym Card holder.


Monthly subscription will be billed to your preferred payment method each month automatically until cancellation.


Annual subscription will be billed once per year on the anniversary of joining.


Subscription can be paused when the center is closed or cancelled from the next billing period via  “My Account” link.