Compassion and Wisdom

discovering buddhism

An in-depth exploration of

Buddhist psychology and philosphy

Discovering Buddhism is a two-year program comprising 14 modules that give a solid introduction to Buddhist psychology, philosophy, and practice. 

If you are interested in really immersing yourself in Buddhism, this is the program for you. The emphasis is on all material being applicable in daily life and helping us develop more joy and happiness and reduce our suffering.

Each module consists of several sessions with talks, guided meditations, and practice retreats led by our resident teacher Venerable Michael Yeshe. Students may do all or some of the 14 modules, as they wish. Those who complete all the components receive a completion card for that module.

The 14 modules of the program are:

  1. Mind and Its Potential (4 weeks) – starting February 24 2021
  2. How to Meditate (4 weeks) – starting March 31 2021
  3. Presenting the Path (6 weeks) – starting May 5 2021
  4. The Spiritual Teacher (4 weeks) – starting September 1 2021
  5. Death and Rebirth (5 weeks) – starting September 29 20201
  6. All About Karma (4 weeks) – starting November 10 2021
  7. Refuge in the Three Jewels (4 weeks)
  8. Establishing a Daily Practice (6 weeks)
  9. Samsara and Nirvana (5 weeks)
  10. How to Develop Bodhichitta (6 weeks)
  11. Transforming Problems (4 weeks)
  12. Wisdom of Emptiness (5 weeks) 
  13. Introduction to Tantra (4 weeks)
  14. Special Integration Experiences (personal practice)


Comments from previous participants

I can recommend Discovering Buddhism to anyone who has an interest in Buddhism, both beginners and those who have been hanging around for a while.

The course feels solid and in-depth, good design with modules.

I especially appreciated our fine group, many rewarding conversations and reflections.

Good course and sense of community, meditations of various kinds, good discussions to understand the teaching with an experienced and knowledgeable teacher. You can be a beginner and keep up, so it’s been very rewarding.

Practical information and how to register

Information about the course date, language, last day of registration, and if the course is also given online, can be found in the respective event. This is also where you register for the course by purchasing a ticket.

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