Buddhist philosophy is about cultivating compassion, wisdom, kindness and genuine happiness. We offer courses, retreats, drop-ins and opportunities for group practice to fulfill the needs of both beginners and experienced practitioners. 

We offer the introductory courses Introduction to Buddhist Meditation and Buddhism in a Nutshell, as well as the two-year study program Discovering Buddhism and Lamrim: the graduated path to enlightenment course. 

We offer drop-ins which allow a more open format and flexibility. Come and meditate and interact with Venerable Michael, or join our group practices. We also offer a course and drop-ins in tantric visualization meditation. Last but not least, we organize weekend courses with visiting teachers who are registered FPMT teachers.  

Our events are in line with Wisdom Culture that is infused with the wisdom and compassion of Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche. The key points of the FPMT Wisdom Culture are:

  • Openness and breadth in presenting the Dharma. Lama Yeshe’s teaching style was non-traditional, yet completely pure in source and content. 
  • Detail and depth of instruction. Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s teaching style emphasizes how to practice and making each moment deeply meaningful through bodhichitta and emptiness. 
  • The FPMT Wisdom Culture encourages realization of the lam-rim teachings in the heart, not just intellectual study.
  • Constant practice of merit accumulation and purification. These practices are emphasized as essential to bringing temporal happiness and preparing the mind for realization.
  • Reliance on tantra; encouraging students to have spiritual confidence.
  • Respect and support for ordained Sangha. We consider ordained Sangha essential to the tradition.
  • Cultivation of a close family feeling. FPMT is a worldwide family of practitioners, united by our culture, devotion to our teachers, and standard practice materials.
  • Thinking big. We cultivate the wish to be of great benefit to countless beings, and then put that wish into practice!
  • Big love. Cherishing others. Imparting a universal love for all beings.

Upcoming Buddhist events


01sep18:0020:00Event OverSpiritual Teacher: 4 week courseWelcome to module 4 of the Discovering Buddhism study program in which you learn about the role of a spiritual teacher


07oct18:0020:00Introduction to Buddhism: 4 week course You will learn how you can overcome distraction, develop tools for transforming disturbing emotions into constructive mental states, and cultivate the sense of contentment and satisfaction with life.


03nov20:0021:30Moved OnlineNagarjuna’s Philosophy: Emptiness and the Ultimate Nature of the MindIn-depth lecture series delivered by Geshe Namdak from Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London on one of the most important texts in the Buddhist canon, authored by one of the tradition’s most influential philosophers


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