buddhism courses

At Yeshin Norbu we offer courses in Buddhist philosophy and psychology designed by FPMT. Our education aims to nourish the development of compassion, wisdom, kindness, and true happiness in individuals of all ages.

Our introductory courses are for complete beginners. “Introduction to Buddhist Meditation” teaches basic meditation techniques. You learn about the meaning and purpose of meditation in a Tibetan Buddhist context, how to reduce destructive emotions and develop kindness, compassion, and wisdom. The course “Buddhism in a Nutshell” teaches basic Buddhist philosophy and important principles in Tibetan Buddhism as well as simple meditation instructions.

Discovering Buddhism is a two-year program comprising 14 modules that give a solid introduction to Buddhist psychology, philosophy, and practice. The program includes guided meditations and at the end of each module a one day retreat to integrate the teachings and make life most meaningful.

For those who have studied Discovering Buddhism or other in-depth programs within Tibetan Buddhism and would like to do a review of lam-rim and focus on meditation and reflection we offer a new course “Lamrim: the graduated path to enlightenment”.

One of the values of the FPMT Wisdom Culture is reliance on tantric teachings and practices, and we offer the course Tantric Visualization Meditation which gives an opportunity to learn more about and practice tantric meditation.

Our weekend courses are taught by registered FPMT teachers. They are highly qualified ordained and lay teachers who have spent decades studying and practicing Buddhist psychology and philosophy at monastic universities in India, Nepal, and Tibet as well as at Buddhist education centers in the west.

Upcoming Buddhist courses


Inga händelser


Inga händelser


19maj18:0020:00Self-compassion and mindfulness in the age of anxietyWhy is self-compassion a great source for inner strength?

20maj(maj 20)10:0021(maj 21)17:00Geshe Thubten Sherab: How to Practice Six PerfectionsWhat are the six perfections and how can we practice them in daily life?


02jun(jun 2)18:0005(jun 5)20:00His Eminence Jhado Rinpoche in StockholmThe first visit of His Eminence Jhado Rinpoche, a highly respected and prominent master of Sutra and Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism


Inga händelser