Mindfulness and Compassion

In recent decades, brain research in two fields, mindfulness and compassion, has shown that we have brains that can be changed. Mental exercises such as mindfulness training and meditation can strengthen qualities such as focus, awareness, compassion and the ability to manage our emotions.

Upcoming Courses

We have a great curriculum suited for everyone from beginners to experienced students. We also run retreats for those looking to deepen their practice.
You can join our drop-in our commit to a course. Or you can just drop in, hang out, and relax.


Buddhist philosophy is about cultivating compassion, wisdom, kindness and genuine happiness. We offer courses, retreats, drop-ins and opportunities for group practice to fulfill the needs of both beginners and experienced practitioners. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear friends!

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Our Mission & Vision

To bring awareness in how we care for our minds and hearts

We have a simple goal to help everyone find ways to understand their own feelings and thoughts.  We want to share knowledge and build community to enourage a more postitive view of the world.
We believe that if you change your mind, you change your world.

Today's Courses

Calm, Compassionate, Caring

We are a modern and friendly meditation and mind training center in the middle of Stockholm.
Think of us as your mental fitness center.

We depend on the support of our volunteers and visitors.

We are affiliated with the FPMT.

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31maj18:0020:00Lama Chopa Tsog presided by His Eminence Jhado Rinpoche for the Swift Return of Lama Zopa RinpocheWe have a great fortune to have His Eminence Jhado Rinpoche presiding this special Lama Chopa Puja for the Swift Return of Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Everyone is welcome.

05jun18:0019:30His Eminence Jhado Rinpoche: Refuge teachings and ceremonyIN PERSON & ONLINE: To take refuge means “to rely upon”. We rely upon the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha – they are a savior, a liberator, to cultivate the path of enlightenment in our minds.

03jun(jun 3)10:0004(jun 4)17:00His Eminence Jhado Rinpoche in StockholmIN PERSON & ONLINE: The first visit of His Eminence Jhado Rinpoche, a highly respected and prominent master of Sutra and Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism

02jun18:0020:00His Eminence Jhado Rinpoche: How to Practice Dharma in Daily LIfeIN PERSON & ONLINE: The first visit of His Eminence Jhado Rinpoche, a highly respected and prominent master of Sutra and Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism

22aug(aug 22)14:0029(aug 29)14:00Emptiness Retreat with Geshe Dorji DamdulThe first summer retreat with Geshe Dorji Damdul, former translator of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and current director of Tibet House in Delhi

11aug(aug 11)16:0018(aug 18)14:30Summer retreat with Stephan PendeA spacious and healing meditation retreat north of Stockholm in beautiful nature close to a big river


We have drop-in mediations on fridays at lunchtime and Thursday evenings

Lunchtime Meditation

Friday 12:00 –12:30

Evening Meditation

Thursday 18:00 –19:30

Plan Your Visit

Just come along to the center and relax and help your mind feel calmer.

We have more information available if this is your first visit

Do I need experience?

No experience required, feel free to drop-in to the center anytime and enjoy fika and a chat and join the meditations when you feel like it as well. We hope a few moments of peace and relaxation will make your day a little better.

Thursday Evenings

If you cannot manage to drop by during lunchtime, we also have open sessions  on Thursday evenings. We look forward to welcoming you to any session you would like to attend.

The Latest News & Updates

Tengyur Rinpoche visits the centre

Tengyur Rinpoche visits the centre

In November we had the pleasure of hosting Tenzin Gyurmey Rinpoche's (Tengyur Rinpoche for short) first ever visit to Sweden. It was wonderful with many people being very generous and contributing to the success of the visit in many ways. So much happened in just a...

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