buddhism courses

At Yeshin Norbu we offer courses in Buddhist philosophy and psychology designed by FPMT. Our education aims to nourish the development of compassion, wisdom, kindness, and true happiness in individuals of all ages.

Our introductory courses are for complete beginners. “Introduction to Buddhist Meditation” teaches basic meditation techniques. You learn about the meaning and purpose of meditation in a Tibetan Buddhist context, how to reduce destructive emotions and develop kindness, compassion, and wisdom. The course “Buddhism in a Nutshell” teaches basic Buddhist philosophy and important principles in Tibetan Buddhism as well as simple meditation instructions.

Discovering Buddhism is a two-year program comprising 14 modules that give a solid introduction to Buddhist psychology, philosophy, and practice. The program includes guided meditations and at the end of each module a one day retreat to integrate the teachings and make life most meaningful.

For those who have studied Discovering Buddhism or other in-depth programs within Tibetan Buddhism and would like to do a review of lam-rim and focus on meditation and reflection we offer a new course “Lamrim: the graduated path to enlightenment”.

One of the values of the FPMT Wisdom Culture is reliance on tantric teachings and practices, and we offer the course Tantric Visualization Meditation which gives an opportunity to learn more about and practice tantric meditation.

Our weekend courses are taught by registered FPMT teachers. They are highly qualified ordained and lay teachers who have spent decades studying and practicing Buddhist psychology and philosophy at monastic universities in India, Nepal, and Tibet as well as at Buddhist education centers in the west.

Upcoming Buddhist courses


27jan18:0020:00Event OverIntroduction to tantra: 4 week courseWelcome to module 13 of the Discovering Buddhism study program in which you will learn about tantra.


01feb18:0020:30Moved OnlineTantrisk visualiseringsmeditation: 4 veckors kursDenna kurs utgör en praktisk introduktion till Yidam-praktik: meditation pÄ former av Buddha-natur eller upplyst sinne. För erfarna utövare erbjuder kursen en ny syn och förstÄelse för Yidam-praktik grundat i vÀsterlÀndsk psykologi.

06feb10:0017:00All you wanted to know about ritual but were afraid to ask: one day courseAs a preparation for engaging in meditational practices to gain higher realizations, the Buddha presented practices for accumulating merit and purifying negative karmas, which are known as the Seven Limb Practices. This course will cover the significance and purpose of these practices and how to implement them in one’s daily life.

23feb18:0020:00Introduction to Buddhist meditation: 5 week course You will learn how you can overcome distraction, develop tools for transforming disturbing emotions into constructive mental states, and cultivate the sense of contentment and satisfaction with life.

24feb18:0020:00Mind and its potential: 4 week courseUnderstanding the mind is fundamental to all Buddhist practice. By transforming our minds we transform our experience. Science has also shown that by changing our minds we can change our brains. If we understand our mind we can uproot our deepest problems and cultivate our fullest potential. This is module 1 of the Discovering Buddhism study program.

27feb10:0017:00The meaning of life - from a Buddhist perspective: One day courseAt certain points in our lives we may find ourselves asking questions such as, why am I here and what is the purpose of my life? Is everything predetermined or can I change the direction of my life? Is there an end to our problems and can we be truly happy? In this one day course Venerable Michael will give an introduction to the Four Noble Truths, the first teaching the Buddha gave after reaching enlightenment.


09mar18:0020:00Lamrim: the graduated path to enlightenment Module 1A new course for those who have studied Discovering Buddhism or other programs within Tibetan Buddhism and want to delve deeper, reflect, and meditate on lamrim subjects

20mar10:0017:00Introduction to Karma - the law of cause and effect: one day courseWhy do we feel elated and happy at certain times and completely deflated, sad and confused at other times? Are other people and external circumstances the main cause that make us feel happy or sad, or could it be related to our own thoughts and actions in some way?

31mar18:0020:00How to meditate: 6 week courseWelcome to module 2 of the Discovering Buddhism study program in which you will learn about meditation.


27apr18:0020:00Buddhism in a nutshell: 5 week courseThis course presents a scientific and logical explanation of the nature of our lives and the source of happiness and dissatisfaction. You will learn how the mind is the creator of our world and experiences and how the full potential of our mind can be achieved.


01may10:0017:00Death and dying: one day courseIt is inevitable that we experience the loss of a loved one at some stage in our lives. It is also inevitable that we ourselves experience death someday. In this one day course Venerable Michael will introduce some meditation techniques on the awareness of death and the actual death process as explained in the Buddhist texts.

19may18:0020:00Presenting the path: 8 week courseWelcome to module 3 of the Discovering Buddhism study program in which you learn about the entire path to awakening

22may10:0017:00The Four Seals of Buddhism: one day courseAs ordinary beings, we all hold certain misconceptions relating to ourselves and the world, which is said to be the main cause for all our personal problems and all the suffering in the world. While there is no easy solution, as we begin to get a glimpse into reality, it is said that our problems will gradually reduce and eventually be overcome completely.