UPDATE AUGUST 2020: The non-profit has changed its name to Yeshin Norbu.

The centre is run by the non-profit organisation Yeshe Norbu. If you share our goals and believe in the idea of creating a more peaceful world by introducing people to meditation and mind training, please consider joining the non-profit. You can read more about what it entails on the non-profit membership page.

Why should you join? Because people really need the tools to become wiser, calmer, happier, more compassionate, and more in control of their own focus and attention! And by supporting and shaping the work of Yeshe Norbu you can contribute to spreading them to more and more people.

Neuroscience is proving what contemplatives have know for thousands of years, that mind training can change important traits such as our capacity for focus and attention regulation, compassion, and mental well-being. However, just like you don’t get in shape without jogging, you can’t improve your mind or brain without mind training.

And this is the purpose of Yeshe Norbu Mind Training Centre.

We need your help and support, so please consider joining the non-profit organisation Yeshe Norbu.