Yeshin Norbu café

We are happy to announce that our Café will be open for internal catering in May!

We have an unique opportunity to create a café that is run with the same principles that the rest of our centre. Yeshin Norbu exists so that people can train their minds and get more focus, awareness and compassion in their lives. The café is the latest addition to making this happen.

Drinking your cup of coffee or tea here, or having lunch or dinner, supports Yeshin Norbu’s core work. It enables us to continue to offer a curriculum that inspire people to become more compassionate and train their minds for greater relaxation, focus and clarity.

Our café rests on principles of sustainability and non-harmfulness. We do our best to choose our produce that aligns with these principles. We serve plant-based meals. All meals served in our café are made from scratch by us. We try to choose local produce to the extent possible. The disposables are made from recycled materials.

At our café you’ll be able to buy simple meals and healthy snacks for fika. Everything you order will be prepared by our in-house chef and center manager, Kasia. She is a passionate chef with a goal to help people make more conscious and healthy decisions about what to eat. For the past five years, she worked in different restaurants and with food related projects which gave her an understanding about the food industry and about how to run a business. She was a part of various food initiatives like Stockholm Food Movement, EatUniq, Travel Foodie and owned a small catering company. Yeshin Norbu is very happy to have her as part of our core team!

For May and June, we will be working with a pre-ordering system for booking your meal. When signing up for a course, event or retreat at ours, you will be able to also preorder a meal. For now, one combo option will be available, including one main meal, one small desert and endless supplies of coffee or tea. You can let us know if you have any allergies.

Our long-term goal is to open to the public as well. For us to reach this goal, we would appreciate your opinion on what we’re serving! If you have any feedback, suggestion or thoughts that you would like to share with us, please share it with us via email to [email protected]. Thank you for supporting our journey!